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Reacs India Infra and Agro Pvt.Ltd has been a RELIABLE name in Kolkata real estate marketsince 2020. Whether it is corporate client servicing or enabling home buyers to find the best residential property in Kolkata, Reacs India has proven time and again that they are the most reliable service providers in this industry.

From the very beginning, Reacs India has been thoroughly dedicated to locate and the best properties in and around Kolkata that fetch the maximum ROI for investors. All the premium properties in Kolkata that are presented by Reacs India have been thoroughly checked and evaluated so that they bring the best results for the investors.

Why Choose Us

Why we are in business -

The single window Real-Estate entity M/s Reacs Infra and Agro Pharma Pvt Ltd started its corporate excel in the field of real-estate development and services with highly professionals along with skilled personals from the year 2020

Established with mission to serve the sector in a way that an organized remedy to each individual enquires from different platforms are served with trust and satisfaction.

We believe in quality affordable work delivery; our team is goal Oriented friendly and experienced and work with updated Technology.

The team is trained and motivated to handle every project as a new challenge and complete the assignment within schedule time with high energy and professional.

Reacs service means premium quality job satisfaction simply explained on time complete at affordable within reach cost.

We guaranty on our service and products we offer.

We are safe in doing business, join our network and earn the income you deserve / work with us. -- For Agents, freelancers, professionals who are looking for platform like us.